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Maltese Filigree

The delicate art of filigree was introduced in Malta and all over the Mediterranean and beyond by the Phoenicians but its charm and prestige may have been somewhat lost over the centuries. Maltese filigree is most often associated with jewellery items such as pins, earrings and pendants featuring the eight-pointed cross that tourists would mostly purchase as a souvenir or gift. However, today’s artisans are weaving more modern and exquisite pieces with those fine threads of silver and gold.

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Evil eye pendant and the meaning behind it

As weird as it may seem the evil eye (L-Ghajn) is commonly accepted as ‘a fact’ –The common belief is that a person can place a curse on you just by looking your way. In Malta (and in Italy) it is believed that making the sign of the Qrun (direct translation is a bull’s horn) will deflect such evil. The Qrun is done when you point your index finger and your little finger, and it is considered permissible to do such a sign behind your back to ward off any evil.

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