About us

Gram Culture 

How did a passionate traditional  jeweller  get ahead of its time?

The GRAM culture was born way back in the 1970’s by George Tabone,
a numismatic charismatic person with huge expertise in vintage jewellery and coins of the Knights of Malta 
Over the years GRAM grew its product portfolio and expertise to reach, educate and service a wider spectrum of audiences with a huge ambition and desire to redefine fashion in jewellery.

GRAM has today become a point of reference within the jewellery sphere, with sixty years of jewellery experience under its belt as well as its very seasoned digital international team which is available to its customers 7 days a week through the GRAM website www.gramcollections.com, Instagram and Facebook.

In 2020/21 GRAM is redefining its online strategy using technology and all sorts of digital platforms to the advantage of the customer for an enhanced shopping experience from the comfort of one’s sofa. This implementation is being done in tandem with industry educators and online leaders which will in turn create a future culture for the upcoming generations.

GRAM Collections’ distinctive style sets the trend, whether it is for classic, modern, ethnic, hip, bridal or fantasy in your jewellery. Our expertise enables us to provide unique gifts for those special occasions. So light up your life with that perfect gift or self-treat from GRAM!